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Talk About HD

Overview: Talk About, building great relationships through communication.

Talk About encourages communication across a wide variety of topics that you get to choose. Over 450 thought provoking questions will add richness in your relationships and friendships.

Talk About is an excellent tool for those in relationships, facilitating important conversations on topics related to jobs, finances and intimacy. Topics to discuss before engagement and after marriage provide great insight to healthy relationships.

Talk About allows single topics to be selected to focus in on specific areas or multiple topics, providing an array of interesting conversations. Either way, you are sure to come away with greater insight into the people you spend time with the most.

• Email questions from your iPad to friends so they can join in the conversation.

Talk about contains over 450 questions in a variety of topics.

• Topics Included

— First Date
— Engaged
— Newlyweds
— Relationships
— Husband and Wife
— Family Gathering

— Books and Movies
— Food Lover
— Traveling Abroad
— New Years Resolution
— Questions People Avoid

— Art
— Birthday
— Sports
— Road Trip
— Home Town
— Profession
— Animal Lovers
— Memory Lane
— Youth Pastors
— Computers and Technology

• Accessibility Support

• Fully supports VoiceOver Accessibility enhancements, enabling the blind and visually impaired to enjoy Talk About.

Talk About HD - iPad App Talk About HD - iPad App Talk About HD - iPad App Talk About HD - iPad App Talk About HD - iPad App
Talk About, a great way to talk about the things that matter.

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